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Originally Posted by Setxfamily View Post
Much better now that we have received good news about my father.
I am glad for you, Tex.

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
*whistles innocently*

I'm not doing too bad at this point, still not as good as I'd like. Finally got to talk to some people, and it's raining! I love it when it storms. It's very cleansing and energizing at the same time.
I love storms too! And days of quiet gentle rain. Of course, I love a nice dry day temps 72, but I am getting tired of the high 80s and humidity here in Mass.

My sister in S Fla is in the path of their first hurricane in a couple years... eek!

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I really admire miss pixie's energy and appetite for life. She never lets anything stand in her way!
Thanks, Cindie. She is a wonder. *love* The campers arrived last night. She's in a cabin with 11 preteen and teen girls who spent time last night "proudly singing gaga at the top of their lungs." They are adorable and it's sure a change from Boy Scout camp, she said. hehe
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