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I have not heard of it, but I think I like it. Though I suppose its just another example of mankinds innate drive to explore, understand, and subsequently categorize and define. At least now were exploring more of the inner workings of ourselves.

I would feel remiss however, if I didn't take this opportunity to propose some classifications that this inspired me to think of.

Herbiamorous- enjoying being in loving relationships with plants. Along with Monoherbiamorous, Omniherbiamorous, and Polyherbiamorous. Not to be confused with Agoraherbiamorous- enjoying being in loving relationships with out door plants.

Maybe someday unicorns will grow on trees, or trees that will agree to be faithful will be called unicorn trees. Either way I can't wait.
Shhhh!!! Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits. I mean unicown wabbits.

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