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I don't mind the "child free" analogy, but how can it transfer into the topic at hand? Or does it? I guess it could in that generally neither "group" can stand each other and therefore think that it is acceptable to bash each other or say things in front of the other because they "can't stand them."

I think generally the focus here for most is to talk about working out some ideas in a civil way. I am pretty sure that we won't all agree on any or all of this kind of thing (As an example; I still don't see how dating is poly other than being open about who you are seeing, just as people don't understand why I would want to be in a poly-fi situation that is not natural to me), but I am hoping to find a way to agree to respect one another and pat each other on the back and be buds... is that a lot to ask for? Probably, but why not try? After all, we are marginalized enough without marginalizing each other.

I guess I am looking for commonalities in all this. Maybe going back to definitions is the way to go.... poly is generally referred to responsible non-monogamy... what the hell is that and how do we all practice it?

I dunno... I think I should just hide under a bush. I expect a lot don't I? Forgive me for wanting the world to get along regardless of what we do and how we get our needs met.

Another thought... maybe this is more about certain people rather than groups as a whole.
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