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So I read everything; thoughts.... you are not a unicorn if you are planning of continuing and working on a relationship with the bf you just parted with, who is coming to stay with you.... unicorns have an agreement to never go out side of the relationship with the couple they are with. This is a possible triad. I'm not sure why "unicorn" got stuck in there.... quite different. Actually, this to me is a 3 way waiting to happen and that is about it. Triads are far more than sex.

I still foresee this as a great time fucking. And nothing more. I might be wrong, its just that I have seen far too many people come through here and it end up that way. This is not unusual at all. Perhaps I will be wrong, time will tell.

My gut is telling me that she is going to flip out. Maybe not now, but later when he wants you really bad and she is a side line tag along that is not as interesting as you... because she is the established relationship.

If you passed old guys off before and passed him off before I don't see that as friendship personally. I see that as some guy you snow boarded with that had the hots for you that might now get his wish come true. That to me is not love and what a poly relationship makes.... that's just me though.
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