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Default Missing John

I miss John so much right now, and I wont see him for months. I have some possibilities coming up and I wish I could talk to him about them.

I went to see his parents this weekend, and I miss him even more when I'm down there. Everyone says how much his son looks like him and blah blah blah. I'm the one who has to miss having my husband home.

I want to share this NRE with John! I love when he smiles at my smiling. It reminds me how much he loves me. His interest in my other partners is always honest and supportive, even when he vetos a potential partner.

Im afraid of leaning to much on F, expecting him to take on to much. he is such a great guy, and he understands as much as he can, I just know I need to set aside time that would be John's if he were here but I need support and F is giving it to me well at the moment. I dont want to be away from him because it helps me not miss John - just a little but it helps.

Writing John makes me feel a little better, and there are other things that help, but all in all it sucks not having him here
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