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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
That's a lovely story, really. My favorite kind of poly story, lol - people cheat and learn that the other wouldn't have minded if they'd been honest and they finally get communication open and the relationship comes out stronger than ever and they go on their way with a new significant other or two or ten...
if there were various poly fairly tales, that one would be my favorite. It just strikes a chord with me.
IF ???

At the Word of Mouth story telling club, Manchester, England on August 5th 2011 my first poly fairy story got its first outing, sorry I am not going to tell you the plot as it gets its second outing at Polyday 2011 and I don't want to spoil the ending....

The organiser of Polyday has made a slot for poly stories, about enough time for five or six of them, and I am hoping I will not be the only one to go with one prepared in advance.

I may be the only poly at the Manchester club, but I am not the only one to sometimes use a poly ending, to surprise the audience

So yes, you are going to have to upgrade your name now, to the HappierThanHappiestManALive

And I will look at the plot you summarised above, maybe it will be the outline for the next poly story

But I will leave you with a thought: all fairy tales are poly.

Were fairy tales mono the ending would be 'they both lived happily ever after' eh?

There are two Rivers here now: which one is this?

quaker poly experiences and poly: a quaker perspective

I hope other British Quakers who are poly (or wonder if they are) will contact me here, thanks, Friends.

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