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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
We joking call our own child a crotch goblin, so I can't say I disagree with his perspective. Its more the "ew, you have children" reaction we sometimes get from complete strangers or in the case of a place we once lived, "I didn't know they allowed children here." The neighbors there were completely horrid to my, then 2 year old, son just for his very presence in our the building. Other people's choices are none of my business and I expect the same respect. It wasn't like he was ever loud or running wildly in the halls. He was always just standing shyly at my side while I got the mail or did laundry. *shrugs*

Why do some people have to be rude about their opinions anyway?
Sorry to keep the conversation off topic but the only time the ewww children sentiment has bothered me was when a friend of ours came to visit when my son was a baby and was treating him as a non-person in his own house! I get that people don't like kids and don't want to be around them but if you go to a house where one (or more) happen to live put up with it or don't come. Everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted in their own house. No matter how young or old they happen to be!
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