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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
My son does. Barely out of first grade, he's put together a couple things he's been told over the year:
He was told that Babies are similar to parasites in the womb.
He was told that tapeworms are parasites.

He has concluded therefore, and it came up quite independantly during conversation a couple weeks ago, that "Babies are just like tapeworms"

So, maybe they're not far off the mark.

We joking call our own child a crotch goblin, so I can't say I disagree with his perspective. Its more the "ew, you have children" reaction we sometimes get from complete strangers or in the case of a place we once lived, "I didn't know they allowed children here." The neighbors there were completely horrid to my, then 2 year old, son just for his very presence in our the building. Other people's choices are none of my business and I expect the same respect. It wasn't like he was ever loud or running wildly in the halls. He was always just standing shyly at my side while I got the mail or did laundry. *shrugs*

Why do some people have to be rude about their opinions anyway?
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