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Violet will have to posst the details and specifics, but she's doing things and I want everyone to know that progress has been made.

The core issues that she identified (thus far) relate one to Anne, and one between us.

Between us - there have been some issues in teh one place we never thought there would be - the bedroom. Our sex life has been otherworldly from the beginning. I'm one of those "noting is taboo" types who doesn't care what the neighbors see on the laundry line, but respecting that not everyone is, I'll spare details and just say that very recently - and having little to nothing to do with Anne - Vi and I have been "out of synch" in the sack. And it's weirding us both out, becuase the bedroom has always been the area where all was well. Our relationship is NOT based on sex; we have both reveled for months in the fact that it's not but that sex has become such an incredible part of what we have. So when these issues arose, it sent us both for a serious loop. Anne is... Less experienced? ...than Vi and I, lol. And boy have we opened her eyes in a hurry - and WOW is she eating it up. Zero to BDSM and threesoms and multiple orgasms and real lovemaking and experientation in like, 2 weeks. AT HER BEHEST - she started asking questions and wanting to see things, and she just took to it all like a duck to water. So while Vi and I were hitting the first sexual speedbump we've ever had, she saw Anne opening up and discovering her sexuality - mostly with me, as both Anne and Violet are in a weird stasis with each other physicaly, lol. So - that was issue number one, and we're working on it, and seeing some progress very quickly now that the problems are in the open.

Regarding Anne - she laid some of it out in her first post, and has refined and processed it a bit from there. Basically, she had some doubts about Anne's committment to this relationship; concerns that she was using us as a rebound or just for comfort or whatever. Violet has been taking this thing VERY seriously VERY quickly, and so have I - call it NRE or infatuation or what you will, but this thing went from freind to sexual encounter to head over heels for all of us VERY quickly. So we've all had our "wait - is this for real?" moments. Violet just had a big one, lol. She and Anne talked today and again this evening, and everything's a bit clearer now, and we'll all have quite the sit down when she gets back on Monday no doubt. But after todays reality check, everyone is very emotional about just how committed they are, and nobody's doubting anyone elses desire to make it work long term anymore, at least not now, and hopefully never again.

And to present a little bit of Annes POV, she let Violet and I know that she was feeling there was something wrong before she left and has been very worried for several days now. She is saddened that so many of our breakthrough discussions and talks happen without her as they aren't exactly planned and she doesn't live with us. She's also very bummed that she's not here to meet the Dragons with us tonight, lol - she may join for a minute by speakerphone if she's still up at 1 a.m. Central.
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