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Originally Posted by Seasnail View Post
Redpepper, I've noticed a similar divide. Not necessarily in the poly community, but in the world at large, over the family-friendly and the child-free. I know you have lots of questions about how to pull together, and I don't have any answers. Just the observation that in our society, one option is to remain child-free not only as a non-parent but also by avoiding the company of children in all of your activities. Very individualistic, and odd to those of us who live more colletivistic/interdependent lives.
Yes, I have noticed the same thing. People who have children usually cannot wrap their minds around those who don't want any. On the other hand, I never met a single child-free person who thought it was odd that others have decided to go ahead and reproduce.

Funny isn't it how sometimes people who seem so "accepting" in one area of "alternative lifestyle choices" just can't figure out how to apply it to other areas of the same.
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