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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
Tired; jelly legged; and sore in a good way. Just got back from taking Wendigo home; now headed upstairs to cuddle Runic Wolf.

Tonight was very good; lots of snuggles, video games, rock band 3, and sexy time (hence the jelly legs).
Whew! Yay!

My gf (and I finally figured out a nickname for her) miss pixie is off to work as a counselor at a camp for transgender and genderqueer kids for a week. In her youth, ages 15 to 22, she used to spend all summer at boy scout camp as a counselor, after having been a camper for years (probably the most girly "boy" scout ever) and now she gets to work at a job she adores as her true self. She is really nervous about it, but excited. I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience for her.

So now I have time to myself for a week. I'm going to be able to spend time with my son, swim, work, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
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