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What you don't realize in the lack of response is that we have heard this before and it takes time to conjure up an opinion. You might want to do a lot more reading on here before jumping to any conclusions that no one is interested in responding. Besides your crazy life is just words to us. We have our own shit going on and if anyone replies at all you should be thinking of it as a gift not a right.

Having said that I think your boyfriend has NRE for poly. He needs to look at that. It sounds like he hasn't really met any of the women he has been flirting with. Take it from me honey, there is a big diffference between on line and real life. VERY different! I think it is totally unacceptable to ask to stay over at someones house at the end of your holiday. Met all three of you maybe but not stay over. He may find her repulsive! Then what! I did that once and had to pretend I was sick and fly home. A nightmare.

I'm appalled that he isn't fighting for you! Good ridence if you ask me!
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