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Her situation could not be any more different from mine unless all the people involved were men. She is desperate to have sex with a married man who is not actually in an open relationship and whose partner is not 100% open to the idea of even having an open relationship. I was asked to be part of an existing relationship, I did not suggest it or try to pry the doors open and make it happen. Nor have I engaged anyone involved in conversation about how bad I want it, etc, etc.

This topic has nothing to do with my situation. I call it like I see it. I really wasn't trying to be rude. I said it was my impression, not fact. I could be completely wrong...or completely right. We'll see. After reading the initial post, which was essentially amateur erotica, I just don't feel like love or caring or good non sexual feelings are happening in this dynamic. Sorry.

I don't have a situation, but thanks for asking.
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