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Well if I had my way I would get to travel more often but I only go every few years. Mostly end up going places in Florida which is pretty neat. I also love the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I will also travel to places with roller coasters. I do have nostalgia for the area up here where we live as my grandparents lived in St. Petersburgh (I think it was a quintessential joke that people went to Florida to St. Pete to retire) and I would never had dreamed in a million years I would end up here. I don't live too near where they did in a of course, a trailer park, but it is neat to drive over there every once in a while. I am in the Largo area of Pinellas. Oh well it is definitely nice that you remember the old Florida. I can't even claim to be a native although I think two of my sisters can claim that. My parents were actually living here and moved away but came back the year or so after I was born... (grrr) LOL.
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