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Default I'm back, or "my how things change"

So R finally did what he said he would do almost 2 years ago, be in control of the ending of our relationship.

He ended it about 3 months ago. I was really hurt, but I'm over it now, he even moved in with me, and so far 10 days of that and there has been no fights and no real tension.

Of course, my new boyfriend, and R's new play toy may have something to do with the lack of tension.

Yep! New Boyfriend... we will call him "F" The relationship is all NRE right now, and since John is again gone, I have the time to spend time with him.

F is so amazing, he is like John in a few ways, but mostly he's different. John has always been a less affectionate guy, but F is very affectionate. John and F have completely different bed room abilities . They are both nerds and focused. I like nerds what can I say

I can see the NRE in this post. F is making me smile all day and I need that right now with John gone and my bi-polar not 100% stable. John is out of communication for the moment, so I can't talk to him, though I write him almost every day. I know he wont get the letters I write for some time but I need to tell him so much. That and I love to write him, cover the pages in hearts and our names like I'm in High School again.

F is making me wish more people knew John and I were poly. Its not something I can reveal without him here and ok with it. Our friends know, and his sister, but not many others.

In fact, I'm going to go call F now
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