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Originally Posted by CranberryStardust View Post
My impression: Barbie is not actually into this. She might find some of it appealing or arousing but overall, the idea of sharing or opening her relationship doesn't feel good to her.

I say that there is a good chance that this will not really happen or go much further. Seems like Barbies concerns are more of an annoyance and obstacle for you than anything else.

l am not trying to be mean or rude. It's just what my overwhelming impression was reading your post. It's all about the sex...but a relationship is being tested and pushed over it worth it? And what if Barbie decides she is just not with it and never will be?
I'm also not trying to be rude or mean CranberryStardust, but this really sounds like you're reading your own situation into hers. It's been a couple of days since you've posted in your own new to poly thread, and I for one am really curious how it's going?
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