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Ah yes I probably caused some confusion. My boyfriend is A and his love interest is S.
A is demisexual and as for S, I don't know. A has told me that the sexual aspect of a relationship is the least important to him, but the possibility of a sexual relationship between the two of them is really not one of my big worries.
We are all young: A and I are 18, and I think S is a few years older.
I realize now that it's not reasonable to want a perfectly balanced triad; I, like many newbies, thought that would make sure there's no jealousy or feeling of being left out.
A and I have been online friends for a while now--at least since January, possibly earlier. We started this relationship in June. But talking about our past relationships would be a good thing to do, as it would help us learn more about what we expect our relationship to be like. This kind of open communication is definitely something I need to work on, as it seems just really scary now.
I'd feel kind of bad if I didn't give A a chance to date S before he moved, but I have so little time. I feel like my only options are to rush into it or not give A a chance.
(P.S. I call myself homoromantic but I think something like gay-ish would be more accurate because . . . Anne Hathaway, though, you know? So breathtaking. If I were in love with a transguy I'd still say I was homoromantic.)
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