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What are your thoughts on that? How can we come together? Is it necessary to come together? What kind of negotiations can we start with in order to have a relationship with each other? What do we need to understand about each other in order to be accepting of each others path?

Hm, well I don't identify "as" poly and I have never been one to seek out company based on a commonality such as sexual, gender, or relationship orientation. Even when I go to nudist resorts, I go there because *I* want to be naked, not because I want to be around other people who like to be naked!

I'm not sure if I'm qualified to answer your question(s), but it helps to keep in mind that not everyone wants to "come together" or "have a relationship with each other". I'm fine with people going off and doing their own thing(s) and including or being included by as many or as few people as they choose. I don't think the world has to be one huge love fest. I think there needs to be less coming together and more minding our own business. That's been working for me so far and whether anyone wants to believe it or not, I am quite fulfilled in my personal relationships. But that's just me and I wouldn't dream of forcing my ways upon any happy, positive-thinking people who are reading this.
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