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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
A real cautiousl guess: Are you tired? Totally worn out and numb?
I would say so. I've been unable to get proper sleep for weeks, and when awake, I had been feeling like I was being torn in two.

Originally Posted by Phy
After going through a hard time of constant suffering, worrying and sorrow I tend to feel like you described just because I was unable to keep on like that. My head chooses to take a break and shifts focus. Your love for your wife is like an absolute term that doesn't cause suffering for you itself. Maybe because of this you start to concentrate on it for now.

I have had a good friend whom I wanted to help. But she didn't wanted me to do so. I was hurting over her situation and felt for her but she didn't want me to get involved. After some months I just had to move on and let her be.

[...sudden calm...each was finally able to listen to the other...]
Yes, sudden for me, too. That caught me flat-footed. I want to be able to trust my feelings, but I'm unsure if I can right now.
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