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I am new to this to. I am mono but open to the idea. I dealt with these feelings as well. Things to talk about with him. Why does he want a poly relationship. Is he really poly and want another full on relationship or is he looking for sex and want an open relationship. It is good to know about this first. Talk to him about your fears. I did this a lot. I had two points of jealousy that I was working on, the fear of being replaced and fear of not being enough for her. We recently decided that we would be the primary relationship. Fear of being replaced is gone. The second one is an ongoing battle for me. I have been cheated on and told to many times I am not what the woman is looking for or they would be settling if they were with me. Just talk it out with him, don't rush yourself. You might have agreed but doesn't mean you have to be 100% ok with it right off the bat.
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