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OK well here is my input. I am mono but open to the idea of poly. I started dating this girl about 4 months ago. She had a fwb that she saw at dance events randomly throughout the year. I told her I would be open to the idea. We have recently decide to make our relationship her primary one. Honesty and being open up front is the best thing. You have to concentrate a lot on your primary relationship. If it isn't for them, then you have to rethink things. Don't push it on them. This is what I kept reminding her. Give me my time to move through this at my pace. Be there for your partner. Remind them that they are important to you and that you aren't in a relationship. This is what I needed. Once we decided that we are going to be together, things are easier. This happened yesterday. She is currently at an event with him right now and I couldn't be calmer. Just talk with them and show them the direction to places to read. Jealousy is my biggest issue. I am doing a lot of reading on it. If they want to stay mono it can still work. Any questions let me know. I am new to this and willing to share my experience thus far.
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