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Originally Posted by Periwinkle View Post
One of the greatest sources of hesitation is that I don’t like the guy he wants to pursue very much. Ideally I’d hoped he’d find someone and we’d all love one another equally, but I know it’s unreasonable to expect that. I want to be his friend but I’m afraid if we don’t get along well enough it will make things unbearable.
If you don't like the guy you should tell your boyfriend. Don't tell him it's okay or not okay, tell him you don't care for him and why that is. Maybe you see something your boyfriend doesn't because of your different perspective, or your boyfriend could be blinded by NRE (I bet everyone here has seen it happen). It's also possible that your boyfriend could share something with you that could help you see this guy the way he does.

Either way if your boyfriend respects you your opinion should carry weight with him. But it is important that you don't do this as a way of putting off hard decisions.
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