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. . . I've asked about being intimate with both if them separately, and they said "not yet". I can cuddle and kiss and be touchy-feely with him, but nothing more . . . she's apparently nervous about being physical with me since she's never had sex with a woman before. I try to be equally physical with them both but it's hard because she doesn't really respond or reciprocate when I touch or kiss her.
So, I can't really imagine what 3way "sex" is for you 3. You aren't allowed to fuck him. She doesn't want to fuck you. What's in it for you? Watching them fuck? Huh? Or does "touchy feely" mean you can give him a handjob and nothing else? You don't get to be touched and actually have sexual pleasure at all, much less orgasms?

You stated she is bisexual, but also that she won't have sex with you. You also said they are both doms. So maybe there is kink stuff going on, power exchange, impact play, bondage, whatever, but no actual sex? Both of them domming you in a BDSM sense, and then fucking each other while you watch, tied up and "helpless?"

Just so you know, I am kinky myself and OK with power exchange. I am just wondering how you 3 can be considered bf and gfs without you actually having sex with either of them...
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