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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post

Now back to your regularly scheduled, Phil Donahue moment.
Wait, what's a "Phil Donahue moment"?

Ok, I just want to say that if this situation is how the OP is portraying this, she really needs to be getting some kind of professional support now and not trying to do these things on her own volition. Support groups are for later. If he is abusive and she thinks it might escalate, she really should be thinking of legal support and moving to a safer place. I'm not saying the gathering of evidence isn't important, but again, if we are understanding the situation correctly, then I think safety is the most important issue here.

We can't give the guy a clinical analysis based on her posts in a forum. He may have mental health issues, or not. Either way, if he is indeed abusive, she needs to be safe from him and not alone.
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