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Default On Reflection...

Either way, this is for the best.

If it turns out that B is not actually interested in letting the relationship develop, this will get that out in the open.

And if she is, then this sets a little framework.

One of the biggest challenges I've had in this developing situation between Just and B and I, is the ambiguity. We've been proceeding as if we were sure that this is what B wants, and .... while she has given every indication that is the case (slowly growing physical intimacy between B and I, long talks about life, the universe, and everything, all that...) .. None of this has been totally clear. I feel as though Just has been through hell, and while it serves her well in some ways, as this is likely to come up later if not now, I sometimes wonder if its really pre-mature.

B is still very much in the 'this is ok, I want it - wait, I'm not sure' phase. I"m not trying to rush things, I know they need to move at a pace that is ok with everyone - but I could use some clarity or recognition of the direction they are moving in, and kind of long term intentions.

I'm definitely not interested in pushing things to move faster than they are .... but I do think we're at a point where we all kind of need to evaluate what's happening, and whether we're all ok with it.

I'm not looking for commitment at this point, just recognition of the path towards .... wherever we're going. Guess maybe I need to find some way to clarify that.
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