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Originally Posted by DaJoshy View Post
To have some chickie come in as a sex partner to decide that day one she should have an equal share in our fortunes is ASSININE.
If you only want extra sex partners to spice up your love life, then stop telling yourself and potential playthings you want to be polyamorous. People who want poly have expectations for more involvement than just letting their bodies be used for your enjoyment. They want real relationships and a sense of partnership. It sounds like you are more suited to just being open or swingers, definitely not poly.

Originally Posted by DaJoshy View Post
Perhaps the one thing wrong ive done consistently is not treating the women how they probably should be treated, like the tramps they become.
Well, if this is how you view women, no wonder that's the type you attract.

Basically, if you're out to use others as sex toys without consideration for deeper feelings and a more heart-centered connection, then you will be appealing to women who will use you for whatever they want. Tit for tat, you reap what you sow. So, examine your priorities and make it clear what you're after. Don't say you want a poly girlfriend when you just want a sex partner. I don't think poly is for you because you are apparently very couple-focused and seem to just want an additional person for primarily sexual activities.
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