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Originally Posted by Hypsie View Post
. . . I've asked about being intimate with both if them separately, and they said "not yet". I can cuddle and kiss and be touchy-feely with him, but nothing more . . . she's apparently nervous about being physical with me since she's never had sex with a woman before. I try to be equally physical with them both but it's hard because she doesn't really respond or reciprocate when I touch or kiss her.
Originally Posted by Hypsie View Post
. . . we discussed the possibility of us being intimate but she didn't feel right about it without her guy being involved . . .

She had come to the conclusion that she was jealous of the two of us being intimate without her, not just jealous that her friend was intimate with her boyfriend.

. . .They had considered a couple of other girls and one guy before me over the years, but for one reason or another, they didn't work out.
Ugh. What a pair of control freaks! It seems she's involving herself with you, though she doesn't really want to, just to keep her eye on on him. This is not a situation I would find appealing. It doesn't seem to me that you would ever be considered an equal partner with them, so I fail to see what benefit you would get out of this situation.
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