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Originally Posted by Nacirema View Post
Here's a thought my partner had, DaJoshy: If any woman with you would be so enthralled by your wonderful self/massive penis, why does it need to be a "rule" that your Unicorn not date other men? Shouldn't it just work that way naturally?
Also, what does it say about your wife that your Unicorn gets all the male lovin' she needs from you, but not enough woman-lovin' from her?

My point now: There's something I noticed here when either of you guys discuss what you want in the relationship. You say that the two of you only want women and no dudes in your relationship. Okay, that's great.

Where's the talk about what the third person wants in your relationship? Or hell, even in her own relationship (there's no reason why if she's dating another guy, the both of you have to fuck him). I think it's very telling that every time you talk about this standard and what you want, your only concern seems to be each other.

LMAO...who ever mentioned my massive penis?

You are right, she can date whomever she wishes, now that she has decided to move on. My wife and I have been together for 15 years now. We have struggled to accomplish many things in our lives and have, and continue to be, greatly rewarded. To have some chickie come in as a sex partner to decide that day one she should have an equal share in our fortunes is ASSININE. I understand that for the one coming in to the relationship with no car, no job, and no place to live...that the idea that she just puts out a lil and becomes heir to the throne is wonderful! I dont mind sharing, but it was Clarice and i who struggled through college. It was Clarice and i who were together through her cancer treatments. It was Clarice and I who decided to only take a 10 year mortgage to be able to basically retire early (both, under 40). And it is Clarice and i whom have dealt with user after user as they have come and gone.

Yeah, you know what, it might not be the relationship every girl dreams about while growing up. The standards Clarice and I have set forth in our relationship do not come as any suprise to the women we date. I expect openness and honestly, and not much more. The fact remains that the last woman we dated cheated for nearly 4 months before we found out and kicked her out. If you think a constant trashing of me for some idea of "OPP" is where the issues arrise from, then my typing the same replies again and again will not matter.

Perhaps the one thing wrong ive done consistently is not treating the women how they probably should be treated, like the tramps they become.
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