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The girlfriend left for college yesterday morning, which I'm happy about but J is struggling with a bit. They're still talking and texting and FBing, but he feels it will die off over the next month. He told me last night that she really sucks at communicating, so it probably won't last much longer. He's a person that has to talk to someone he's involved with. She's someone that will ignore his texts or phone calls nearly all day, but expect him to reply or pick up when she decides she's ready to talk to him I've told him that he deserves better than the way she treats him, but he's been too infatuated with her to see it. Now that they have some distance between them and she's going to be busy with school, work, party life, I really feel he's going to start seeing what I was talking about.

We went out and had an AMAZING night last night. Took the boys to the state park about 2 miles down the road to camp. The boys fished until about 10pm, they were in heaven! J and I did some drag net fishing earlier in the day and then settled in at the bench when it was time to start cooking dinner and getting the tent set up. We had some "alone" time in the dark at the bench while the boys were fishing by flashlight (where we could see them). Oh my goodness!!!! We kept going off an on for a couple of hours LOL. I am so sore today, which J is just ecstatic about

J and I had a lot of time to talk and it was great. We talked about all sorts of silly things with very few serious things thrown in. We were both more interested in just having fun and relaxing.

J and I woke up about 7 this am and went straight to the lake to sink some lines. When the boys woke up they came down and joined us. If we could live on a lake and do things like this as we please, we would be on Cloud 9!!

J only has 10 more days left at his current job and then we move to NM for his new job! Super excited

Bad thing about the camping trip, I didn't get much rest the night before because J and I had a Netflix night where we just chilled and ate a bunch of junk food. Then, I went all day getting ready for the camp out, went all afternoon with swimming and fishing and having fun, went all out on the sex, and then didn't get to bed until 1am to wake up at 7, and then have gone all day today with unpacking and cleaning up and getting some personal work done. All that leads to, one very exhausted chronic pain sufferer which is not a good thing at all. I'm already feeling it You would think that after 8 years I would know better and take more precautions, but I really slipped up on this one. I'm probably going to be in a lot of pain and completely drained of energy for the next few days to a week. Just when J needs me the most as he's dealing with the girlfriend leaving and the communication distance that is already showing itself.
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