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Stressed, horny, and frustrated.

Found out that it could be 60 days before I'm cleared to go back to full duty at work. Having my entire career and future in the hands of CPS is terrifying. I was at their mercy for 9 years of my childhood (when I was 3-12) and now I'm the accused. :-(

Runic Wolf and I are complete opposites on how we deal with stress; he loses his desire for sex, while sex helps me de-stress. Wendigo had thought he would be able to come over tonight, then his sister-in-law started major dramaz in their shared house with her kids last night. Now he isn't sure if he'll be able to come over afterall.
I had hoped to have some sexy time with Runic Wolf before our son came home from camp today and before pouncing Wendigo, but he's wasn't in the mood. Though he gave me plenty of kisses and cuddles. I just wish I could spend the night with both my guys again. Sex or no sex, just being with both of them with my head and feet in their laps while they talk is very relaxing and I need that so very badly.
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