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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Have you told Eric that you love him as a friend?
Only in the sense of what I posted a page or so back about emailing him and saying that our friend K and I love the three of them (him, G and B) very much. Also, on the camping trip, they were planning to come meet me and I left a note addressed to the three of them on a dry erase board in the middle of my campsite explaining that I would be late and signed it "<3! -- Anna"

These are my only two attempts thus far, both very recent, at getting comfortable with him seeing the word love coming from me. Both were written rather than spoken. I'm incredibly gun-shy about this whole subject.

Sure, I could tell him I love him as a friend or I love the role he plays in my life (Gia's suggestion for wording when I first brought it up to her in the winter). But in truth I feel much more than that, so it would feel like a lie. I love to look at him when he's not looking. I smile without meaning to when I see him. He makes me feel warm and relaxed and nervous and protective and turned on, all at the same time.
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