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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I realized today that I am most completely fulfilled. What the hell am I still doing here? I don't even think about poly most of the time. I just live it. I am sick of the word actually. Mono-poly-whatever.... its all just a term to describe what kind of relationship dynamic one is in at the moment. I have come to learn that most of the time its just a flash in the pan. Most people are just finding where they belong, getting laid by whatever means necessary and trying to grasp on to some kind of control over all of that. In ten years they will be doing the same but will be doing it with others and in a totally different way. Maybe with basket weaving.
I have to admit, I got a little tired of reading the new to poly section for a bit. So sad. So much hurt.

It also may have been the reason behind the recent "practicing" addition to my signature.
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