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Originally Posted by DaJoshy View Post
I have read a lot of this website, and i understand honesty is not a highly valued asset, but this overwhelming sense of deciding to attack someone for what you determine as wrong is just plain nuts. I hope you can have your own relationships with every penis in the world if thats what you desire, its not for us, so perhaps more progress will be made focusing on something other than your need to include more men in my relationship.
Just curious; which specific posts/threads have given you the feel that people on these boards don't value honesty?

I think people commenting on this have a hard time grasping your perspective, which I tried to highlight above. If I understood correctly, you don't view you and Clarice having separate secondary relationships as an option at all. Whatever you do, you do TOGETHER, as an item, as a couple. There are no separate relationships - even when in a triad, you view it as a ONE relationship instead of as a set of three or four relationships. In that sense, it makes perfect sense when you say you're straight and thus don't want to be involved with males, which is something I didn't get at all when I read your post.

The fact remains that most people in here think that is a counterproductive attitude, and will honestly say so. Also the ownership attitude you exhibit in your posts when it comes to women, not wanting to steal a woman away from another man, is bound to set people, myself included, off. But I'm not auditioning to become your unicorn and if it's worked for you in the past, then more power to you. I have trouble believing that many women experienced with poly would be going along with your rules, which is why I wondered where you have met your previous unicorns, but hey, if I'm wrong, please say so!

I'm surprised this thread is still going on because it seems this has been your first bad experience with unicorns and since the situation has resolved, you are going to continue on your chosen path. Thus I'm a bit perplexed as to what's supposed to be the "something other" you wish people would focus on. If you want people to condemn SluttyUnicorn's behaviour, I think there's pretty much a consensus that what she did was wrong but you also had unrealistic expectations and made some bad choices along the way.
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