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Nearly a week ago Pan and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. This feels like a huge achievement to me, even though we've actually been together for nearly six and a half years.

A couple of years ago, my older sister and her long-time partner broke up. In her sadness she admitted to me that she felt she and her ex would outlast Pan and I. Two months later we were engaged, a year after that we were walking down the aisle in front of some friends and family-minus the sister that made this statement.

In this journey over the last several years, I have been the major obstacle. The one absolutely certain that no one will ever find me interesting, not in the way Pan finds me interesting-which still baffles me.
Well, approximately one week before our anniversary I got a message on the dating site that Pan and I use.
My admirer is actually quite similar to Pan. Both are very intelligent, share similar interests and hobbies, and for some reason find me attractive.
We've met-myself, Pan, Admirer and his wife-a couple of times now, and have even had dinner together. We have plans to get together again soon, weather permitting.

I don't know where this will go, but I'm finding myself with butterflies frequently.

Wish me luck, we all know I'll need it to keep me from getting in my own way.

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