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When I came over their house yesterday evening, my two lovers were chilling in bed with their sleeping baby, watching funny internet videos. Gia motioned for me and I curled up behind her, spooning-style. We stayed that way for... 30 minutes, 60? Not sure. It was, I think, the most time we've spent in close physical contact in months. She had fretted, during the pregnancy, that a needy baby would use up all her reserves of cuddling ability. So good to see that wasn't true.

Normally a very talkative person, I chose instead to stay quiet and just enjoy our bubble in time together.

Bee is so big and chubby! Sometimes he grunts and squeals in his sleep and waves his little arms.

Eventually Gia and I made dinner, sat together quietly and read, chatted about things small and large. Just like one of our usual evening in-house dates. For the first time since Bee arrived, not counting their one night without him while camping, it was like Bee was just a part of her life, not her whole life. It helped that he slept a lot.

Gia mentioned that she's talking to her doctor about what birth control is safe to use while breastfeeding, implying pretty explicitly to me that she and Eric haven't resumed sex yet. I figure once the two of them are on firm sexual footing with each other again, I can safely put energy into rebuilding a sexual intimacy with her/them/him and myself. Want.

At the end of the evening, I went back into their bedroom to say goodnight to Eric, like I usually do. I nuzzled his shoulder, he made an "mm-hmm" sound of quietly pleased assent. It was a lovely little sound.

Davis was waiting for me in my bed when I got home (he has a key and I'd told him to go ahead and come over when he'd messaged me near the end of the evening). I was so glad to see him. It was like all my good feelings from my night with my others spilled over and enhanced things with him. We had scads of hot sex and fell asleep pressed against each other.

In one of my dreams that night, I was out shopping with Gia and Eric. While Gia looked at clothes, Eric and I curled up together in a chair, waiting. He wrapped himself around me, protecting me and holding me. I woke with the image and the feeling still vivid.
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