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Originally Posted by ClariceK View Post
If three bisexual men were in a relationship together and they had a "no vagina policy" would it be unreasonable to ask that be respected if all agree to it?
I would say that if any of these men are bisexual it would be unfair to set a "no vagina policy" in the first place (so it's ok to add other males, just no females). What I have learned, is that boundries, rules and expectations set up in the beginning aren't always reasonable (even if everyone agreed to them) and don't necessarily work 3, 6, 12 months down the road. Life throws us curves and when we are unwilling to change, bend and discuss other options as they arise things break in rather dramatic fashion. Making sure our partners know we are willing to even have the discussion (even if no one is ready for changes) makes a big difference.

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