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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I wasn't refering to the cheating, secrets and lies that was going down with your girlfriend, that is absolutely not OK! I was only commenting on DaJoshy's apparent OPP (one penis policy). To me that is hypocritical.
It kinda is, and he knows that I think it is a insecurtiy of his and that I think he is sometimes grandiose. We have no secrets from each other or anyone else.

It wasnt a "we versus her" till after she cheated, I mean honestly, she cheated on both of us, of course WE would be upset and take that view.

As far as the OPP I honestly have no desire for another penis in the relationship. He has no desire for another penis in the relationship. If three bisexual men were in a relationship together and they had a "no vagina policy" would it be unreasonable to ask that be respected if all agree to it?
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