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I'm not gonna lie, when I finally found myself in the position to be poly, I started reading a lot of stuff to sort of get an idea of what I faced and what to be prepared for.

I then went to a friend of mine who is poly and asked him, "Is all I have to look forward to jealousy, anger, feeling sad and lonely, and fighting?"

Cause that's 99.9% of what I see from other poly's.

It's royally depressing. Perhaps people only post when they're frustrated and looking for advice (I know I tend to do that). But I'd really love to hear some happy poly stories. It'd help, when I'm feeling like a rat's gnawing on my guts because my primary is off with another girl, to be able to refer to why I'm doing it in the first place. I'd hate to think I'm only poly because it was the lesser of two evils between poly and mono.

That said, I'm off to a date where I have hit the point where I have to explain that I am polyamorous. Where's the wine?!
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