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It's ok DaJoshy, I am angry and hurt as well to find out what I did on that day. I was saddened to wake up in the morning to my computer being left on and her conversation with him left on the screen. I am sad to say that I did look through the past messages, not sad because I found out who she really was, but sad that I felt I needed to do something like that as I never am like that. I apologize for that, but only that. Oh I also apologize for how much I blew up when she did get home, it wasn't fair to you to have to listen to that.

After reading about her talks with him as early as 3 months into the relationship talks about kissing and dancing under the stars!! I am sorry that I didnt spot it sooner and that I trusted her when she said he was just a friend and if further feelings developed that she would come to us as had always been agreed of any new relationship any of us got into. I love you babydoll, and I know that you will miss the little girl.
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