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Sage, I wonder how important it actually is to identify as either mono or poly. I know I certainly do not do that, because I see the relationships as poly or mono, not the people. We're all capable of so much, and culture plays a huge part, so I've never been one much for all that "wiring" talk. If I say I am poly, for me, I am saying that is how I choose to live and practice relationships, not that I'm "wired" that way. That's all.

I have been meaning to address this in a separate thread because lately there has been some posts here that seem to say that looking at relationships (instead of people) as poly is some kind of temporary hobby or something, but I just feel that it is a more fluid and all-encompassing nature of loving that simply allows for numerous ways to manifest that love in the world. We can say that we are one or the other and then try to rigidly conform to it, but what about those times in one's life when things do not fit behind the labels we give it and we're perfectly happy and satisfied. Life is fluid; love is fluid. I think the poly label is only helpful in finding a community of other people who have multi-partner relationships and will know what the heck we're talking about, but it isn't very useful for actual living.

So, be who you are and love who you will. KISS - Keep It Simple, Sweetie!
The world opens up... when you do.

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