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Default Really?

Originally Posted by sluttyunicorn View Post
sweet heart i am so happy that you can love and trust me and i i am so happy that you want me in your life. it is awesome that you patched things up with SS, and i do believe that not stoping cold with him was the best. i also want to say that i love you and you are amazing person.
After all the claims, you force me to post here about your deciding it might be a good idea to be talking about marriage with your little boyfriend Erik while using Clarice and I....and trying to cover it all up as if there was nothing going on. Very telling to your nature was the night it ended, and all you were really concerned about taking with you was your birth control and your dildo. Im very sad it had to end with my finding out you were cheating on me constantly all that time, and having such negative conversations about such a wonderful woman as Clarice, but it was over months before you were ever shown this website.

I can only hope you will find honesty more important in your next relationship than it was in your last.
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