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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I think you'll find that each person tends to come up with their own meanings for certain words and for the most part it doesn't really matter what "community" you/they are associated with. If you have any doubt or there is ANY room for misinterpretation, ASK for clarification. For some reason your constant referal to "poly people" or "in the poly community" is bugging me. Just because there are 3 people involved, doesn't mean any of the basic rules of communication don't apply nor that you need to accept certain behavior you wouldn't from any one else you were in a relationship with. Don't assume anything.
I don't mean to be offensive by using those terms. They are not derogatory so I am not sure why it would bother you. I use them as clarification. I have never been in any relationship even remotely like this, so by pointing that out, I am acknowledging that my questions and concerns might be more out of ignorance than anything else. Also, there are a lot of terms and phrases used in poly relationships that are not used in others or used differently. I was simply wondering if "girlfriend" meant the same thing as it always has in my life because, again, generally monogamous people do not apply that term to a fuck buddy.

Forgive me, I am out of my depth. But I don't see how referring to polyamorous people as such or identifying their relationship in that way is wrong or should bother anyone.
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