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I mostly want to "locked down the relationship/title" for my own well being. Being deployed for 180 days straight of 18-20 hour days and getting shot at from time to time, I have to keep my head on straight. I can't be sitting there wondering about what is going on between us. I have asked her about us, she introduces me as the guy she is seeing. Not as a boyfriend, even to her poly friends they as her if I am her primary she says no she is just seeing me. They ask if the other guy is her primary she says no. I have ask about the health risks. She said she would talk to him. I know she would meet someone else, but hopefully I would have a little input on the next one. I really think this guy is just in it to get laid and doesn't care about her. I don't want her to be hurt by him. But everything I hear about him says this is what he is doing.
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