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I met my current lover at a bar but I didn't check off "night life" because it was at lunchtime and we were both there to eat. So it wasn't the typically expected bar pick-up. I chose "somewhere else" for him, because I was thinking of it as a restaurant.

Past lovers: I met Burnsy & Dreamy online (OKC), Shorty through a mutual friend who introduced us, and my husband at the post office.

I have, in my life, dated people I met at the laundromat, in the subway, on an interstate bus, and even while window-shopping on the street -- I strike up conversations with strangers in public places very easily! I've also been involved with neighbors and lots of guys I worked with or for (yes, a few of my bosses). So, for me, there's no set pattern. But I was thinking yesterday how I've never seen any possibilities at school.

PS - In my post-marriage life, I don't think of anyone as partners. I think of them as lovers. My ex-hub was my partner, and I don't know if I want another.
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