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Originally Posted by Allstar View Post

On the moving on subject. I have given myself a time line. Right now she defines us as just seeing each other, even though it has been almost 4 months. I am not asking her to give up her other guy. If she does in the long run that will be a decision she comes to. But I will require a decision to be made on us in the relationship factor. I don't want to leave for deployment as the guy she was seeing. I know at that point it will drive me crazy. So I have told myself if that is still how she sees us by then, it will be over.
Have you talked to her about this? She might have a very different definition than you do to "the guy who she is seeing". Also even if she and the other guy do split up being that she is poly there is a good chance that down the line she will meet someone else with whom she connects and she may want to start a relationship with them.
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