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Default ah, why the heck not?

This only being my second post but some of the more active members know a little bit about me already from my former g/f, Nyx (I am reffered to as "Nick"). Her postings/conversations have come up a few times in our irl convos every so often, the bit that was repeated more than once was that (to paraphrase) according to the online polyamory community, what I'm doing isn't poly at all, and rather f*$#'d up, in fact.

So, partly being curious as to what I'm doing "wrong" and what the "right" way is that Nyx was talking about, I'm here to check out what other people are doing. The other part is just that I like to be part of things and join in discussions as much (and perhaps even more than) the next person. I read Nyx's threads and wanted to respond to more than a few various aspects but she recently asked me not to contact her so I will refrain from engaging in those threads she started... kind of "staying out of her conversations".
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