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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
How will you manage to nurture an infant, your relationship with your husband, and grow a new love relationship, all at the same time? Maybe your baby is sleeping through the night for a bit now, but quite often that ends once they start to teethe and crawl. Sleep deprivation can make one crazy. Don't wanna get all involved with a new person when one is overtired and cray-cray.
K and I have a 7-month-old (today is his anniversary. Crawling, atanding, walking on the edge of stuff, but no teething yet). Pursuit with a newborn is an exercise in time management and proactive mutual support. It can be successful, but everyone must be on board.

A poly with a partner who also need a lot of reassurance or who is not actively supportive of the poly makes would best call for a reprieve. A poly with supportive partners who don't require a lot of maintenance is in a better spot. Regardless, careful planning to meet needs is still required. I find that it helps to figure out time needed for the baby and then double it works best.
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