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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
Although 3 adults can happily live as a family under one roof it is rare that they will all be equally in love with each other. There may very well be love in all directions but be prepared that you may not all feel romantic love for each other.
This is such an important point! Families don't need romantic love to hold them together. And romantic love, too, comes in different shapes and sizes.

Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
i also agree to look separately. i wonder if it would be easier for f/f couple to find a good man?
Not necessarily. While there probably is a larger pool of unattached straight/bisexual men out there interested in a fmf triad, the likelihood of mutual attraction happening at the same time in all directions remains small.

Take VanillaIce and me. Whereas she craves male companionship, I don't; in a sense she is bisexual while I'm homoflexible. So there would be the challenge of us finding a man I would find interesting enough to engage with on a romantic basis. Add to that the fact that we are attracted to very different things in a man; she prefers bad boys while I delight in men who have stereotypically femine pursuits or traits. And even if we were to find a chameleon of a man who is switch enough (personality-wise, not in a BDSM sense) to fit into our dynamique, he would still have to find us both attractive, interesting and worth his while to pursue.

Vanilla is funkily enough FWBs with my male partner Moonlightrunner. Whereas with Vanilla, I have this head-over-heels NRE thing going on, with Moonlight we settled very quickly in to a lot more established energy. I used to be in a triad with Moonlight and his wife Windflower, to whom I nowadays feel the loving care and concern I would towards a friend. Just because it's not the Hollywood romance times three doesn't mean it can't be great.
Me: bi female in my twenties
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