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We have done everything but have actual sex or penetration. She is open to the idea of anal sex between he and I (God I cannot believe I just typed those words), but the topic of vaginal sex hasn't been touched on in some time. I did tell her that it was really frustrating for me to have all that stimulation and see them having sex and not get it myself, but she had more of an, "awww" reaction. This was before I agreed to be there girlfriend. I just wonder what the label means if I still don't get to have that with him...and now not anyone else, either.

The more I think about it, the more I am wondering if they might just be a little possessive. It would hurt a lot if I thought this was a real relationship and They were just trying to keep their little unicorn in the pen for their own use and pleasure.

I texted her last night and said I hoped I could see them soon and her reply was, "Want to suck some cock tonight?" That's bad isn't it? Maybe I am being really stupid and naive about this...

(Sorry so graphic...I hope I don't offend anyone or violate any rules. Apologize in advance for either.)
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