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A little follow-up!

The other big conversation that Gia and I had while camping was about what it's like for them to be in new parents and what it's like for me to continue to try to be part of their lives. Eric said to me once, early on, that having the new baby was like being in space, because day and night had no meaning. I had given this some thought and I used this metaphor in trying to explain to Gia what it was like for me.

"It's like the two of you have become astronauts," I said. "You're floating up there in space, monitoring the controls and they're very delicate so of course you can't come down to earth right now to visit me. If I want to see you I have to come to you and when I do you're very busy. But I admire and believe in what you doing, so basically what I'm asking is to be a volunteer trainee astronaut and I know that takes a lot of trust because, as I said, the controls are very delicate."

Something in all that must have worked, because I noticed her relax after that and just let me help more.

A side note: I have some kinky friends, and while I was at the camping trip one of them asked if she could try out an idea for an all-rope corset on me -- basically, tie me up. I'm kind of kinky myself so I was into the idea, but I told her that I needed to ask my boyfriend. I didn't want to cross any boundaries with Davis. It seemed for a minute when I called him that he might say no just to say no, sort of to prove to himself his power in the relationship. Which I would have understood, frankly. But we talked about it some more and, happily, he told me to go ahead and go for it with the simple caveat that nothing overtly sexual happen .
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